Cannabis Industry Mastermind

Top Cannabis Industry leaders and marketers give you exclusive access to growth strategies for your Cannabis Business Hosted by Efrain Sanchez CEO and founder of Growth Logiq Cannabis SEO & Marketing.

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Thursday May 18, 2023

Join host Efrain Sanchez from Growth Logiq in this illuminating episode of "Cannabis Industry Mastermind" as Kristen McFarland, CEO of The Source Marketing Group, takes center stage to unravel the potential of email marketing in the cannabis industry.
With Kristen's expertise, listeners will gain valuable knowledge within a concise timeframe. Starting with a clear definition of marketing automation and email marketing, they explore the key factors to consider when selecting an email/marketing automation provider. Kristen highlights red flags to watch out for during the provider selection process.
Dispelling common misconceptions about email marketing, Kristen offers her insights on improving email providers and automation systems within the cannabis industry. She delves into the significance of data-driven campaigns and recommends cannabis-friendly email marketing and software providers.
Additionally, Kristen discusses the art of win-back campaigns, sharing effective strategies to re-engage customers and drive repeat business.
Don't miss this episode of Cannabis Industry Mastermind to tap into Kristen McFarland's expertise and unlock the potential of email marketing for your cannabis business.

Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

Get insider tips on cannabis UX from Paulius Podziunas, founder of a top UX firm. Learn picking a UX provider, improving cannabis e-commerce, scaling cannabis companies, favorite stoner activities + more. Join us on Cannabis Industry Mastermind Ep. 1 with your host Efrain Sanchez from Growth Logiq

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